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Art Thieves: What to do with them?

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 30, 2013, 1:26 AM
Today I would like to discuss a certain topic.
Now If you've been on dA, or any other online art site for more than a year, you may already know that once you put your work up, IT'S OUT THERE.
There's absolutely no telling what may happen to it or who may see it.

That being said, let me show you a few examples of what I've been dealing with.
My fellow deviants, we live in a world of fandoms where the possibilities are endless when obsession is at it's finest.
A year ago I made a few drawings for a friend who 'fancied' a couple of 'lads'.

I present to you, my One Direction art:
(Zayn Malik)
Zayn Malik by Gothvm


Over on


No, Niall underscore Horan 13...thank you. Thank you.  

Why of course I'll retweet it, you hard working rebel, you. (after thousands of retweets her account was later suspended. I wonder why.)

He even made it into a poll. 3rd place, but I'm still proud of you bro.

How is that even motivational? But okay, I'm still with ya.

Last but not least, we have those ones who posses the balls to repost it on the SAME website...
I don't know about you guys, but I'm feelin' a custom made toilet right now.

So that's just a few examples. I won't even begin to list down the sites it's been posted on. Cause it happens, man. It happens. As I said before...once you post something online IT'S OUT THERE.

Now back to my point...ART THIEVES. What to do with them?
I've talked to a few people about this and here's some typical responses:
"WELL it's your fault for not putting a watermark."
"Just add your signature before posting."
"Tell them to take it down!"

Not very encouraging, yeah? SO here's my suggestion to you.

:bulletred: Art theft--it's inevitable. THIS IS THE INTERNET PEOPLE. The best way to avoid it would probably be to label your work with your name or website before posting anywhere, so at least the artist (you) have some sort of claim. There may be that one psycho who goes out of their way to remove your watermark, but at least you tried, right?  You deserve recognition. :)
:bulletred: If it's possible to tell the thief to remove it, then I suggest you go for it. But don't be disappointed if it doesn't work out. It happens, man. It happens.

You're probably thinking..."Dude, my drawing isn't even good enough to get anywhere lol".  Cause that's what I was thinking! I have to be completely honest with you here but I'm still caught between, "I'm gonna get that person who stole my work" and "WAIT WHAT? My work is even worthy of being stolen? This is F*CKIN awesome!".

But it started to happen again...and again...
This drawing in particular isn't as popular on DA, but I made the mistake of putting it up (yet again) without any signature or name.
Edward and Kim by Gothvm
Later, I saw it on Facebook on some random contest being held. The girl who claimed it to be her's was getting a lot of great feedback from it. My sister happened to be entering the same contest and I thought it was unfair, so I commented on her drawing with a link to the original. Like the bad ass I am. Over on Tumblr, another person cropped the drawing then posted it as 'her edits'. When I told her to take it down she said she had no idea, and she just found it on Google and thought it was cool.

SO ANYWAY, hopefully you got something out of that. My other One Direction drawings are still floating around the web especially in the Twitter scene. But hey, It's too late to stop it now. :lol:

Goodbye fellow deviants.

It's a Saturday morning, and I've been sitting at my computer screen for over 2 hours. Excuse me while I relocate that life I once had.


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Hey, peeps

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 9, 2013, 10:38 PM
Once again I've continued to neglect my account here on DeviantArt.
I've probably wrote about 5 journals in the past claiming I was 'back in business' and going to start being 'as active as possible'. (Which I've honestly tried.)  
I guess drawings just take a while to produce and not all the time do I find them worthy of being posted online. That being said, there's not really anything for me to do here other than browsing.

BUT I am indeed BACK IN BUSINESS. I promise new work is coming soon!
Thanks for still watching me, and thanks for the people who have been around since the beginning of time and still make the effort to comment on my work. You know who you are. ;)

:heart: I love you guys.

Special shout out to grandmoonma for the 3month premium. :]
I won't let it go to waste!

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Dude, I am so lost.

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 9, 2013, 8:11 AM
So, I just started getting back to dA after a couple of over 5 months or so...and I realized how fancy everyone's profiles are.

Like I  heard you can have Youtube vids now(still can't get over that) . And MY GOD Custom boxes have taken it to the next level. Whoa, there's a commission box, whaa??

I feel like I have to learn how to use deviantArt all over again, lol.

That being said...
My profile is under construction~
It's time to get fancy. Not too fancy though.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Sketch Commissions!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 9:13 PM
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So, I've decided to do some cheap commissions, because I realized I actually enjoy drawing for's a lot easier than drawing for myself. :lol: And it will also help me be consistent with my art, so YEP.

For 100:points: :
I don't have any specific rules about requesting. I'll draw anything and everything are some examples of my sketches. (my style may vary depending on what you'd like drawn.)

Portrait by Gothvm Wolfpack by Gothvm Identity by Gothvm

If you're interested, send me a note with what you'd like drawn (or a picture) and I'll get back to you ASAP! Thank you. :thanks:

And ze winners ARE:

Journal Entry: Fri May 11, 2012, 8:38 PM
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Using a random name generator, I've picked 3 people from the comments in my journal. ( ...And the winners for my 150:points: giveaway are:
(in no particular order)

:star: CelestinaGrey
:star: Siamese712
:star: MomoScarletKaulitz

Each of you will receive 50 :points:. Congratulations! :party:

150Point Give-away! -VOTING is OVER.

Journal Entry: Fri May 4, 2012, 4:29 AM
  • Listening to: Jason Walker - Down
:heart: OKAY, so THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this. (: I'll be choosing the 3 winners tomorrow WOO HOO! :heart:

EDIT: Please make sure you COMMENT and FAVE the journal, otherwise I can't add your name to the raffle. Thank you!

Okay so I'm trying to win "Blog of the Week" for my blog on Tumblr
So, I've come up with a plan! :D

You're probably thinking..."Uhm, so where do the POINTS come in?"
Well, it's simple! All you have to do is VOTE for me and get a chance to win some :points:!


First, you MUST FAVE this journal.

:bulletred:1. Go to this link
:bulletred:2. Vote for "fishbowlthoughts" in the poll
:bulletred:3. Leave a comment on this journal with the number of votes you see after voting for my blog. (note: Not the 'votes total'. The number of votes my blog has) E.g. #55
:bulletred:4. You can vote once a day. If you vote again, just leave another comment on this journal, again with the number of votes for my blog.
:bulletred:5. The more you vote, the more your username will be will be entered, the more chances of winning!!!

:star:Deadline: May 10, 2012 (Thursday)
On May 8, I will put everyone's username into a hat, and randomly select 3 winners.
The more you vote, the more your name will be put in.

Each winner will get 50:points:. :woohoo:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Now, shameless self-promotion...:blush:
Tate and Violet by Gothvm Harry Styles by Gothvm Zayn Malik by Gothvm 'I'm living every day' by Gothvm The Clockmaker by Gothvm Commission01 - Justin Bieber by Gothvm ToKio HOtel EmOtIconS by Gothvm

Visit my Tumblr, btw, if you want, hehe.…

I am a horrible excuse for a human being.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 16, 2012, 11:15 AM
sdkfhaiserhksd hooooooly cucumber face...there's a giant flying cockroach on my ceiling. O.O
This is not cool.
This is really not cool.

Yet I'm desperate enough to continue using the comp.

So, If you haven't noticed yet I have a 3 month subscription! (slow clap) Given so generously by SRSmith, whom I feel I have to thank at least one more time. :) Thank you.

God that cockroach is getting closer...should I hit it with a slipper oh,..noo....I got it! I GOT IT!

:iconlikeabossplz:I AM MASTER COMMANDER!

Okay, I have to start getting serious again. I have to get back to dA. I have to get back to dA, so I can get back to drawing. Cause honestly I haven't been doing much of it. We've been through a love-hate relationship these passed few months, and I'd like to get over all that.
Right now I'm joining a contest by CelestinaGrey where you have to draw one of her characters. :aww: You should check it out if you're interested.

And to furthermore push myself into improving in my work, I'm going to do a feature of a couple of pieces that inspire me:

Shirley Temple by dwightyoakamfan Robin Tunney drawing by dasidaria-art I'll protect you by Jaejoong Starless Nights by Goldfog Emma Watson by kyynelmys Jack Sparrow by JMLorite Deer in the Headlights by laurelly25 agony by CrimsonnOnyxx Amber Heard 3D drawing by lloveandsqualor

Some of these drawings deserve a little more love! Please comment and fave! :blowkiss:

I finally summoned up the guts to start selling my art!  :excited:  It's a brand new year after all ;D
It would be really-super-duper-nice if you guys could LIKE my page on Facebook! I appreciate every single little like! THANK YOU for the support!

->… <-

:tighthug: <3
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Geeez can't believe it's almost OVER! Pretty soon it's gonna be Christmas Eve, then Christmas, then New Years Eve, then New Years, then ...2012! :omg: Then who knows?? The end of the WORLD! (or better - a zombie apocalypse :plotting:)

Well, these days have been...uhmm...okay I guess? Not much to say or share. WAIT. I turned 16!!! Hehe...ah...still feels the same...xD...Btw, thanks for all the greets, it was more than I got in real life (I kid you not lol) Hmm...yup, and my friend  from Aussie Land wanted me to draw her all the lads from the boy-band One Direction. :|

.... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! :iconhurrhurrplz: I've already made a Zayn, so Harry Styles is in progress ;]

Oh yeah! who's got a tumblr? Hehe yes, my latest attention has been directed on one  specific website. So sorry if I seem to be neglecting my account over here, but let me reassure you I'm still DRAWING. :D I wont stop. Not a chance. I try to post up my drawings as soon as I'm finished with 'em.

Lol I almost forgot...follow me here ->
If you have a tumblr. :]
I mean it.

I am finally going to get back to dA. And not just 'say' I will, then forget about it the next few days. I actually will! For a couple of reasons too...

1, I want to draw. Simple. I just wanna f♥cking draw! I miss it.
2, I've been wasting my time on useless websites, when on dA, I was actually accomplishing at least enough to give back to the world the oxygen wasted on me everyday.
3, I miss you guys :'D
4, there is no forth reason...
5, neither is there a fifth....xD

AHH, I'm excited!! :iconeeeeeplz: - off to the message center to finally sort 'em out! :sprint:
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Hey, guys I was jus wondering if you could like..."Like" my sister's fan-page on Facebook. :D… :iconlike-plz:
She's trying to get it to 1000Likes. All Likes are totally appreciate! Haha so, buddies!

Oh yeah, and I hope you're all doing swell! More art will be! TeeHee! :iconhurrhurrplz:
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[EDIT] The final round! :ashamed: Please vote for my drawing "The Clockmaker" HERE ->thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

Thank you very much! I appreciate any vote :thanks:

I've just entered my drawing "The Clockmaker(endlessunderscores.deviantart.…)" in :iconthefavouriteshowcase:'s May poll. :D And I was wondering if you'd like to vote for my drawing?

(augh...:ashamed: I feel like a beggar ^^')

Vote here: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

But of course if you think there are better drawings you'd like to place your vote on go right ahead! It's your vote anyway. :thanks:

Thank you very much for the support! It means A LOT to me!
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Devious Journal Entry

Sat Mar 26, 2011, 11:50 PM

Hallo there!

Just got the notification from dA that my membership is about to expire. You have no idea how long I've been browsing for a journalskin! Gotta be good for my last fancy pants journal...:blush:

Little Update:
I might not be able to upload for a few days (or DRAW for that matter).
Because my brother is moving the computer to his room. Which means if I want to draw I'd probably have to do it there, and endure the extremely poor lighting and dude-smell of his room in the back of the house. SAVE ME. :omg:
I could print the picture out maybe...But it's just not the same on a computer screen! Tsk Tsk....

:pc:I swear I'll try to find a way!

Humongous Feature!
I realized I haven't done much features since I got my PM. ( So I guess I can go wacko with this xD)

Gerard Way - MCR by xiaochi:thumb202437740: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing by V-IMAgine-L In your shadow I can shine by StarGazerSquirrel red lips by Deidaraisstupid Masquerade Parade -with video- by esTHer-duraes:thumb201890045::thumb194069753::thumb201634980: What Secrets Do You Hold? by nataliebeth Edward Caricature by DoodleArtStudios Rapunzel Colored by veeboy2 The Violinst by RadiusZero:thumb182030017:

♥Black n White♥
Native by AlexMahone So Close And Yet So Far by anokaxlegolas:thumb202373367: The World Through My Eyes... by KJS-1 Black sun by AntarcticSpring rainy eyes by Farbenfrei Tokio Hotel .Ich Bin Da. by JohanaJ Roads - Ladders by shvayba Legolas Greenleaf by anokaxlegolas my guilty pleasure I by dreamersleepwalker R A I N by fairytheillustrator:thumb194688975: Dark side of the sun by Krinaia91 Ammonium Sulfate by DallasHarder

Have a great day! :iconwavesplz:

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Triple Concert

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 27, 2011, 7:57 AM
(whoa this new journal setup is kinda awkward)

After having had a mega-fail with my movie, and realizing that playing a crap-load of computer games isn't exactly worthwhile on a Sunday night...I've finally decided to write a dA journal! :dummy:

Woohoo. Wow. Real successful. I feel like living now. :sarcasm:

Nyaha...jk. xD

(ugh how do you preview on this thing?!)

Anywaaays....:D The CONCERT! IT WAS F***ing EPIC! ♥.♥
I went with a couple of friends to watch NeverShoutNever, We The Kings, and The Maine perform at their first venue. During the soundcheck Chris Drew came on stage and starting playing a couple of songs! (YES, I screamed like a retard if you're wondering) We all stared jumping and singing with him...we were like the only ones freaking out cause everyone was acting all KJ. :wtf: Then Chris Drew pointed at us and started jumping too!!! He had this really big smile on his face, and goddamn I just DIED. :faint: When he finished he saluted us and went of stage....HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

OH YES.:eager:
The weird-yet exciting- thing that happened to my dear Chris Drew Portrait! o.o
Coffee and Cigarettes by Gothvm
Well we were jumping and singing with him right? So a took my drawing a held it up...and then I started waving at him, hoping he'd see...then..
HE LOOKED IN MY DIRECTION. He smiled all cutely and nodded his head as if he said "yeah I see it, cool".
Yeah I know he didn't even say jack, but who cares! THAT was all I needed to know he gave a shit...:love:

Then just before the concert, this girl we were talking to earlier said she met some guy who could give Chris the things if we wanted to. He was really sweet he was like.."Hey, hey really it's totally fine! It's no problem at all..."
I couldn't get it signed cause I didn't have a special meet&greet pass so I just wrote at the back of the painting:

"Hey, Happy Belated Birthday! I made this for you. Thanks for being awesome! Lots of love! ♥
- Mandy"

Cliche as hell I know! I didn't know what to say! And I had to hurry up...though it kinda sucks I'll never get to see his reaction when he sees it. But i'd rather have HIM have it and know he saw it, then ME have it and not signed. :shrug:

*sigh* Well the whole concert was still amazing...Seeing We The Kings live was even cooler than I expected!
I swear I could almost see unicorns and rainbows when he made the whole audience sing We'll Be A Dream. <3
(Red Heads = Ultimate)

After the show, both my legs were sore as hell from jumping and waiting 4 hours for the concert to begin, and my neck hurt from head banging the whole time. xD

But I didn't care...two days afterwards, I went to their last venue here in the country, to watch it alllll over again...

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Really good news. And really bad news.

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 15, 2011, 9:40 PM
Which one first?

:ashamed: Aurgulaaamuuboasdfg! Okay fine, good news first!

Have any of you heard of the band "NeverShoutNever!"? [That guy in the upper left xD] He's going to do mall tour along with We The Kings and The Maine TOMORROW!
3 awesomes all performing at ONE concert, on every day starting from 17th-20th Feb.
Yeaah, I had to slave for my sister to pay for it, but who cares!? xD It's so worth it!
Coffee and Cigarettes by Gothvm I made this for Christofer Drew! I really hope he signs it! :eager: I would probably start crying like a retard but c'mon! ehehe...He's the most sweetest guy to his fans! ever! (forgive me Bill Kaulitz)


The Bad News:

Well...It's probably about time I said this. And told everyone...

I didn't make it. I didn't make it into the Art School. I waited for two weeks and the letter never came. Just two days ago the results were posted online. My name wasn't written anywhere. They didn't accept me.

Wow. That was harder to type then actually say. And...And..
And, Jesus Christ I'm not going to lie! really sucks, man. "Disappointed" doesn't even began to describe how much of an impact it was on me.

It's like...

POOF. There goes everything.:sarcasm: Ha! In your face! I want to curl up in a small little ball and die.

But...I already decided that it's not going to make a difference. I'm just going to keep drawing...

...cause when it comes down to it, that's really all I can do.

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Featuring Winners from #THF's 'Best Of' contest!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 13, 2011, 8:50 AM
I'm here to feature the winners of TokioHotelFans's 'Best Of' contest!…

:trophy:1st place: :iconvixendra: VixenDra

:trophy:2nd place: :iconjohanaj:JohanaJ
Bill Kaulitz III by JohanaJ Bill Kaulitz II by JohanaJ Johhny Depp as Sweeney Todd by JohanaJ JoKeR by JohanaJ Screamin' by JohanaJ Scream for Me by JohanaJ House MD by JohanaJ

:trophy:3rd place: :iconlieren:Lieren


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:iconhellothereplz: Hello everyone!
On the behalf of TokioHotelFans:icontokiohotelfans:, here's a special feature of the amazing work by our members who were born this month.
Happy birthday girls and congratulations on your achievements so far! :party::dance::cake:
I hope you'll enjoy this article made specially just for you. :heart:

:bulletblue:(1) JCsdancer07:iconjcsdancer07::bulletblue:

The Rose by JCsdancer07 Autumn Sky by JCsdancer07 Golden Fall by JCsdancer07

One Out by JCsdancer07:thumb185562273:

:bulletblue:(2) xxichschreixx:iconxxichschreixx::bulletblue:

Fairy Cake by xxichschreixx Simplicity in Intricacy... by xxichschreixx Ryuuji by xxichschreixx

Hangry by xxichschreixx I can see the Future by xxichschreixx

:bulletblue:(5) firelight-Elsa:iconfirelight-elsa::bulletblue:

APH Facebook Mot Poster by firelight-Elsa APH - Roderich Edelstein by firelight-Elsa Black Nazarene statue 2.0 by firelight-Elsa

2010 ID - updated by firelight-Elsa Hetalia Day: Romano by firelight-Elsa

:bulletblue:(10) tampered-angel:icontampered-angel::bulletblue:

In the Mafia by tampered-angel Smoke by tampered-angel Twin Souls - Chapter 1Tom groaned as he slide a knife through yet another piece of fruit, his fingers were slowly getting cramped up from having his hand in the same place for over and hour. Georg was humming in front of him, a small smirk danced across Tom's face as he grabbed a bit of cut up fruit and threw it at the back of his friends head. The small piece was watermelon lay unwanted on the floor as Georg glared at Tom who was cutting off the slimy skin of a mango before glancing up at Georg pissed off face.
"What?" You woke me up so it's fair dickhead!" Tom hissed as he dropped a piece of fruit in his mouth a chewed on it, letting the juice fill his mouth a small moan escaped his lips and he swallowed the rest of the fruit that was in his mouth. Georg was giving him a 'what-are-you-on-and-where-can-I-get-some' look on his face. Tom rolled his eyes and shook his head as he went back to cutting up the fruit that was left in front of him. Tom smiled as he kept cutting the fruit into little cubes.
"Why did

Daddy by tampered-angel Vampire Bill 2 by tampered-angel

:bulletblue:(13) Pandora-xo:iconpandora-xo::bulletblue:

- T w i n s K a u l i t z - by Pandora-xo oh, another WIP. by Pandora-xo into the b l u e . by Pandora-xo

bad romantik by Pandora-xo zwei Jungen, eins herz. by Pandora-xo

:bulletblue:(16) Mashimoshi:iconmashimoshi::bulletblue:

Charming by Mashimoshi Unconnected shells by Mashimoshi Never forgotten by Mashimoshi


:bulletblue:(16) isabella-hellsing:iconisabella-hellsing::bulletblue:



:bulletblue:(21) SakuraKaulitz221:iconsakurakaulitz221::bulletblue:



:bulletblue:(21) Delarie:icondelarie::bulletblue:

Falling apart... by Delarie A loss of the senses by Delarie Tokio Hotel logo painting by Delarie In my frozen hand by Delarie


161 by kkassulaav Amy 06 by kkassulaav fashion III 28.04 by kkassulaav

amy 2 by kkassulaav 164 by kkassulaav

:bulletblue:(25) 505shadow505:icon505shadow505::bulletblue:

Schrei... by 505shadow505 Into the garden by 505shadow505 Frosted land by 505shadow505

A Hundred Million Nights by 505shadow505 Starlight by 505shadow505

:bulletblue:(25) blueberrymuffinz:iconblueberrymuffinz::bulletblue:

TotallyLooksLike by blueberrymuffinz Lips by blueberrymuffinz Clouds by blueberrymuffinz

Got Milk? by blueberrymuffinz Bill Kaulitz by blueberrymuffinz

We would also like to also feature a deviant whose birthday was discovered after the last feature. So Happy Belated bday to you born in December. :hug:

:bulletblue:(8) InterRose:iconinterrose::bulletblue:

Eye by InterRose Bill colorized angel -repost- by InterRose Dead Stars... by InterRose

Happy Birthday Twins x3 by InterRose Seven PSD. Actions by InterRose

:iconhappybirthdaysignplz:Happy birthday everyone! :iconhappybirthdaysignplz:
Thanks for being a part of THF, it's a great pleasure having you all in the group.
Haven't submitted your birthday yet? Just tell us in a comment and we'll include you to the list. :hug:

Sincerely, all of us at THF


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 1, 2011, 5:14 AM

Happy New Years deviantART world! :woohoo: It's already the first of January over here. I'm sitting at my computer screen at 8:17PM wondering if I should post a journal or not, while dead tired, and dehydrated. :lol:

Well, anyways...*sighs* :iconsnuzzleplz: I'm a bit scared, yet anxious to find out what 2011 will bring. It's almost the end of the world. xD (hehe, jk I don't believe in the 2012 theory. ^^' but it would be pretty awesome)
I just wanna thank everyone here for giving me the best time I ever had!! I love this place to the point where almost my whole life revolves around it. (lol true story xD) I don't know where I would be without dA friends who inspire, encourage, and help me make it through with my dreams to draw, and strange obsession with some German band I can't even understand. xD

But seriously....If it weren't for all the support, I would have never improved from this->
B Kaulitz by Gothvm
or even have the want to try harder.
So thank you THANK YOU so much for everything You guys mean the universe to me! <3 :happycry:


Heaven in Autumn by nataliebeth ran out of time by dreamersleepwalker Mystical by Krinaia91 WIP Mein Engel Bill Digital by anokaxlegolas Never forgotten by Mashimoshi Our Phantomrider by StarGazerSquirrel Bill Kaulitz aka HUMANOID by JohanaJ you blow it all away by Farbenfrei:thumb191483065: Little Bill by paperthin-z

Amazing People:
:iconanokaxlegolas::iconnataliebeth::icondreamersleepwalker::iconpaperthin-z::iconjohanaj::icondahliahscarlet::icongraycykorltz::iconkrinaia91::iconlugas::iconfarbenfrei::iconsadquiet::iconangelteva::iconmia42::iconstargazersquirrel::icontiny-girl-1995: <3

*CSS by BaB-Jane
*Stock by Ginnyhaha-Stock
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*ahem*-just thought I'd say that. o.o

Anyway, on to a more appropriate introduction.

How was your Christmas? Savvy? Get lotsa presents and eat lotsa food? Hm? Hm? Haha..
I didn't do much actually...I just had noche buena with my family on Christmas Eve, and opened presents. This year the Christmas spirit felt like it swallowed a can of sardines and died. But it was alright. :D I had fun I guess...I got a guitar! WoohoO!

I have to apologize for the absence...I've been kind of busy these past days. With the new year and stuff..OMG-eorg. It's almost 2011. I can't even say that! Two ...thousand ...eleven. :O Ehh...It doesn't seem to flow no more. xD

As I was saying, I'm sorry I haven't replied to anything! With all these new things happening at once I get too excited and faint before I am able to touch a keyboard. ^^; (ahah, what am I saying?)

YES - I am back
YES- there will be more art-posting soon :eyes:
YES - I'm answering my messages right now
and YES - I have kidnapped Bill kaulitz...he's the closet...under the the back of the house...xD
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Whoa. Where do I start?

As you can see in my last journal "Oh no...IT CAN'T BE It''s...That Day. O.O" (I was never good with titles) I said something was going to happen on December 11th. But first let me start from the beginning!

Around 3 months ago my mom told me about an art school. There was a nation wide search for young art scholars all around the country. They will train you like no other! So, I was like...I doon't knooow...sounds a bit...Big. O.O And scary. But after thinking about it I decided, why not? It's worth a shot even if I fail, at least I tried.

So I went with my parents and and my younger sister, and we registered. Then I waited. Waited for the letter telling me if I got in or not. :ashamed:
Around November the letter came! It said that I was to undergo live audition. :omg: I nearly peed my pants! LIVE audition? I can't draw in front of people! That is my weaknessss!!

So since then, I've been really pushing myself to draw better and improve in any way I can! As you can see in my recent work I've been trying to find new ways to do things. ^-^

Then DECEMBER 11TH came! :faint: *dundundudndun* (scary music playing)

So I got all my stuff ready,  and brought my 11 sample works. (Hehe, out of 11, 7 of them were of Tomi and Bill! xD) It was a long ride to the place. Cause the school was located on top of a mountain. Literally. On top of a mountain! It was so cold!

When we got there, there were also a bunch of other kids who were going to audition. There were tons of dancers, musicians, artists...
There was even this one kid. I think he was about 9. O.O He took out his violin to practice before his test, and OMG! He played soooo well! And I thought, "wow these kids are good. I'm so screwed."

Then we went to a room. Thank GOD they didn't ask for you to draw out of the blue. They sat us down, and said: "from where you're sitting u can see 3 objects. Draw them."
And so I did! And it looked horrible! :blush: I was so nervous, but at least there were other kids drawing too, they don't just sit you in an empty room and watch you draw.

I was two hours late though! So I rushed my drawings, and then the kids were already getting into the bus to go back to the main studio.
Then my sister, and I told one of the art teachers, "Wait! When do we show our 10 examples?"

And then he was like, "Ohhh right! Okay come here." He brought us to this room and told us to lay out our 10 examples, so he could take pictures of them.

I took out my Tom drawing first -> endlessunderscores.deviantart.… And then the rest of them. Then all of a sudden all the other kids started going into the room and they all stood around the table glancing at my artwork. It felt so awkward. ^^; The two art teachers started asking me questions like "When did you start drawing? Do you use graphs when you draw? Do you teach yourself? Or do you have art teachers?"

I answered to all of them. One girl touched my Tom drawing, I almost pounced on her! xDD Heheheh...

After the pictures were taken the teacher said, "Wow, thank you for showing us your art." then we loaded into the bus, and drove to the studio. And then we waited for the announcement. If they call your number, then you're in, and you'll have to go through the education test. But if not, you go home. Saddest thing ever!

I was sitting far away, and listening to the dude call out the numbers. In my mind I was mentally preparing for failure as well. I didn't want it to hurt so bad if I didn't make it. ^^'
BUT THEN: "N-168"
I was like," OMG THAT'S ME! :wow:" I almost screamed "WOOOHOOO YEAH BABY!" Hahahha x'D

So after that, I took the education test along with the other ones who made it. I'm still scared though! I think I failed it. The questions were making my head hurt, and I was the LAST one in the class room! Well except for one more girl. But STILL! I felt so dumb. >w<

Later, on our way mom told me that she was talking to some of the art teachers. One of them asked, "oh so you're the parent of that 15 year old girl?" She told me that he said I was good. Needs a little work here and there, but I still got it.
He said when the other kids saw me and my sister's work, they were intimidated. :ashamed:

:phew:Wheeew, so that is what happened. It's still not completely over! The final judging will be announced in February! I just gotta pray for the best, and keep my fingers crossed. I've already prepared myself to fail or succeed. If I get into the school, I'm going to jump up and down a thousand times! And if not...well...dA will always be my home! :love:


*Note to self*
Ay nako! MUST make birthday gift for :icondreamersleepwalker: :shakefist: AHH! KAHSD;oIKN E:WOIWYeouwae!~
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